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We offer solutions according to the needs of your business. Our packages are functional and you have no need to add extra packages to obtain all the necessary tools.


Other companies offer you the following options separately:


With us, you save more than 80% in annual costs. When you pay for the development of any of our packages you acquire one year of services, after that the cost will be an estimated $60 per year.

  • Hosting: $60 to $300 per year for normal sites.
  • SSL Certificates: $50 - $300 per year.
  • Commercial email adress: $15 - $40 monthly
  • Optimization for search engines: $50 - $100 per year

Choose a website package that is right for you, and we will do everything.

Terms & Conditions

By contracting our services you have accepted the following terms and conditions:

1. The client must provide the required information for the development of the website (within 24 hours of having made the transaction). Once the time has elapsed, the development will be started using common commercial information (based on the type of business).

To send the information, the client can download a PDF file from our website with instructions. Full contact information is required: address, phone numbers (etc.), information on the type of business, an explanation of what they offer, advantages of their service, activities of your business or specialties, the story of your business (optional), photographs (they must be of excellent quality, if they aren't, hire a professional), slogan, logo image (if you have one) and other things that you consider important.

2. Payments: Payments are received online through our website. After confirming the payment, the delivery period (according to the service package) can vary within 4 to 16 business days.

Terms for cancellation: After making the payment, the client has 24 hours to request the cancellation of the service. After this time period, a penalty of $40 is charged for the incurred service expenses.

3. Automated Payment Services: The customer can subscribe for an automatic annual renewal of the service, that is done from our website. This includes a cost of $40, plus the renewal expenses per year. (example: if the original renewal cost per year was $60, with the subscription it would be $100 per year)

4. The conditions of service, costs, and packages may be changed by Web Design X without prior notice. Within 3 days of contracting, (if the client wants) the web packages can be upgraded into superior web design services and payment of the missing balance will be made.

5. Claims. Web Design X will receive and analyze all claims within 30 days after the subscriber received the service, after this term, no claims will be received. Claims will be received by email and must contain the name of the subscriber, country, city, the information of the payment ticket or operation code, date of payment, day and time of the service, and the description of the problem. Without the complete information, the request will not be processed and will be returned to the user.

6. Acceptance of the service and terms. By clicking on “I accept” you have stated that you have read, understood, and agreed to the conditions for this service. Otherwise, do not click.


How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Terms & Conditions Agreement related to our website, please feel free to contact us at the following form: